The Smoking Tire
Episode 166

Mostly BS

Chris Hayes published on

This week we're joined by Bodie Stroud (@BodieStroud) founder and namesake of the well known hot rod shop BS Industries. Bodie has been in the business a long time and shares his experience in running a high-end shop, working with client's, and managing projects while maintaining an artistic influence to expensive fabrication projects. We talk suspension, welding, CNC and all the things you'd expect but we also touch on drunk gaming, SEMA, bro-trucks, Fast and Furious 7 and even a bizarre pizza fetish.

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  • Ron Mclaren

    10k for fenders !? thats equal to

    1.2 Million Japanese Yen
    6,800 Paund sterling ( ENOUGH to buy used E39 M5 )
    622,350 Indian Rupee ( ENOUGH to buy a village )
    9,369 Euro ( ENOUGH to buy 10 day vacation in cruise liner araund europe )
    6,2064 Chinese Yuan ( ENOUGH to buy a hause , wife and donkey )

    I dont wannna say you get ripped off, but i believe you get ripped off.

  • Matt Farah

    no one said the fenders were $10k. That would be a rip off. I said ALL THE BODY WORK was $10k. That includes the fenders, front bumper, refinishing the rear bumper, taking out 40+ door dings and dents, and prepping and painting the entire car. It's a pretty reasonable number, actually.

  • Ron Mclaren

    I was most anticipating subject on wheel curb rash damage protection in conversation but nothing shows up.
    i hope you guys will discuss it next podcast.

  • Matt Clayton