The Smoking Tire
Episode 229

of Gatebil and Matchmaking

Chris Hayes published on

This week we're joined by Larry Chen (@driftfotos) of Speedhunters and friend of the show Spike Feresten (@spikeferesten) of Car Matchmaker.  This week we talk about Larry's experience traveling to the Gatebil festivil in Norway.  Spike and Larry predictably dote upon Porsche, Spike tells us about throwing out the first pitch at Dodger stadium. We learn all about Tommy Lasorda's testicles and Larry gives us a lot of insight into RWB.

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  • OMGTR35

    I think these are the Harley guys you were talking about.

  • Kyle Gdale

    You guys mentioned an app that would let you essentially create a time attack course, on any road, with point to point timing. This was a few podcasts ago, but I have been obsessing over the concept since. Apparently "Track Attack" is it, and will let you do this. If so, maybe we could get some comparative times on One-Takes? I am looking for a daily driver and this would offer a pretty good unit of measure to help compare some of the cars you drive....cue to internet Lawyers and Police. Now if only it let you travel through a virtual world of hill climbs and time attacks, like in Pokemon Go...

  • Matthew Ribe

    What could possibly go wrong??

    Besides all the obvious safety problems, there are so many factors that would be inconsistent that the times would be pretty meaningless. Especially for a daily. If you want times, get a GT-R or an Evo. Otherwise, get a car whose (subjective) driving experience you personally enjoy.