The Smoking Tire
Episode 148

Pajero Slingshot

Chris Hayes published on

Once again we're joined by Mr. Aaron Gold (@AboutCars). This week Matt reviews the Polaris Slingshot, Aaron tells his about his time working on Top Gear, we talk diesel vs gas engines, Zack and Thad drove Local Motors Drift Trikes and we wrap up with some talk about flight simulators and aeronautics.



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  • Jonathan Brown

    Awesome show guys! Aaron Gold is an awesome guest...thanks for the laughs...

  • Noah B

    82:55 Chris that's the wrong D3! D3 Cadillac and D3 Engineering are totally different companies! D3 Eng are the ones who built that SRT8 not D3 Cadillac, it's quite confusing that they have nearly identical names though.

  • Chris Hayes

    Thanks for the clarification, why so many shops decided to use derivative names I'll never know.

  • Noah B

    No worries. I was so confused for the longest time. D3PE builds some beasts though, I think they've got a 1000 WHP gen 5 viper coming up soon.

  • Aaron France

    I've been listening to a lot of your guys old podcasts (the first 20-some episodes) and the audio quality on these new ones is a lot worse. Are the new ones more heavily compressed?

  • Chris Hayes

    The compression settings are the same, however the codec might have changed with software updates.

    I'll check into it.