The Smoking Tire
Episode 124

Prelude: All Cars Go To Heaven

Chris Hayes published on

Back in August of 2013 we recorded a podcast immediately upon returning from filming All Cars Go To Heaven. This podcast is very much the companion piece to the film as Thad, Matt and Zack recount the trip to Nino and myself. 

The trip was hatched from the ill depths of Thadius' mind and features an unreleased (at the time) Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited along with a genuine shitbox of a vehicle crossing Mt. Rainier, Mt. Hood and Mt. Saint Helens in the depths of Washington state. 



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  • Andrew O'Connor

    DeLorean owners approach Matt chanting "One of us.... one of us..... one of us...."

  • Noah B

    Am I the only one noticing at the start they said the GC was like 2/3 of a Range, but by the end of the trip the thing was totally fucked.... Huh.

  • Jack Begley

    The thing was overloaded AND off-road for like 600 miles, the fact that a pre-production car only blew out(what I am assuming to be) a sway bar bushing is very impressive to me. They abused the crap out of it and it held together remarkably well. Sure, a Range Rover would have been more luxurious and probably not break, but the Grand Cherokee is a MUCH cheaper vehicle.