The Smoking Tire
Episode 122

Regular Podcast

Chris Hayes published on

This week Mr. Regular and The Roman of Regular Car Reviews join us for an unholy cacaphony of grunting, dick jokes and the occassional mention of a car.  Our guests arrive dressed in their finest as we talk about everybody's new favorite tv show Glasgow Today, the New York International Auto Show, the adventures of the Downsyndrome Knight, angry Jalopnik Commenters and of course the massively successful Fund Anything campaign that brought Regular Car Reviews to Los Angeles.

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  • Thomas McCoy

    sooooo where can i find that integra link??

  • Lee Henderson

    I AMC Eagle did not have the option of a 304 V8 like the earlier AMC Concord 2wd wagons and sedans did. A 2.5L I4 and a 232 or 258 I6 is what powered them.

  • Jack Begley

    I'd love an AMC Eagle Kammback. They're basically a Gremlin on a Jeep Cherokee chassis.

  • Brian Klementowski

    Finally understand Klapman's instagram name...