The Smoking Tire
Episode 152

Replay on Racing

Chris Hayes published on

This week we're joined by John Spar founder of Replay XD Cameras as well as our good friend Mike Musto (@MDMusto). We knew that John was responsible for  developing some seriously impressive camera hardware at Replay what we didn't know was that his father was one of the founders of B&M and that he grew up at the height of drag racing in the San Fernando Valley. John shares his stories of racing, fabrication, running several successful businesses and how those endeavors ultimately culminated in the creation of Replay XD Cameras

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  • Jonathan Brown

    That was an awesome show. Definitely cool to hear Replay XD cameras are designed to such a cool level of tech.

    I'm just an enthusiast who digs cars and this show and I never knew how cool replay XD cameras were. shit about B&M too...

  • Dominick Denella

    this was a great show going to have to consider switching to the Replay XD camera next time i have a gopro die