The Smoking Tire
Episode 138

Return from Pebble, HRE Wheels and Mike Musto

Chris Hayes published on

This week Alan & Patrick from HRE Wheels join us alongside our good friend Mike Musto (@MDMusto). With the HRE boys in house we of course dive deep into the world of aftermarket wheels but we also cover the Monterey Historics, the inflated 911 market, 550 Maranellos and John Frankenheimer's utterly batshit superchaged nitrous-fed Mercedes 560 SEC.

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  • Noah B

    Hey! They read my question about ADV.1. A guy at a local shop who carries both ADV. 1 and HRE was pushing ADV. 1s on me, to which I said they were bullshit wheels, but he said they were of similar quality... I knew he was full of shit. I wonder how Alan and Patrick would feel knowing that even some of their own licensed distributors are pushing garbage right along side their wheels... Probably not good.

  • Alan Peltier

    We know our dealers need to sell other brands so we don't care what our dealers sell. Those that choose to sell other brands as equal to us is their choice. It separates those trying to make a quick sale from our partners that take the time to really understand what they're selling. What I think is telling is that other brands are always telling everyone they're the same as or better than HRE, whereas here at HRE we're always talking about how we can do things better ourselves, not how we're better than others. I think it is best if dealers and customers just see for themselves. Inspect the product. See the operation. Meet the team. Experience the service. Go beyond the marketing from all of us and see what really makes each of us what we are for real.