The Smoking Tire
Episode 145

Return of Lieberman

Chris Hayes published on

Our good friend Jonny Lieberman (@mt_loverman) has once again joined us in the TST studio. Jonny is fresh off the MotorTrend Truck of they Year and shares that experience with us. Additionally we review the 2015 BMW M4, we discuss the real possibility of the C8 Corvette offering a mid-engine variant named the Zora, we compare and contrast the 2015 Mustang GT vs. Camaro Z28 while talking GT350 flat-plane engine rumors and Jonny shares his stories of the real-life pitfalls of hydrogen powered cars.

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  • Adam Boursalian

    The GLA is a mbz/infinity badging experiment =D its a brz/frs thing. Garbager-y. CLA is actually a benz platform, despite being awkward to see out of ... actually the GLA has bad rear visibility too...