The Smoking Tire
Episode 240

Return of Tom

Zack Klapman published on

Tom Morningstar Co-founded The Smoking Tire, shooter and editor (with others) of APEX: Story of the Hypercar, and producer of TUNED, returns!  Also, Nino Cutraro releases a rap album that he produced in Matt's basement. A very  good one. No, really. 

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  • Adam Harley

    who knew the nino could actually rap?

  • Adam Harley

    Matt i suggest a volvo wagon, either the 2.5 turbo or the hybrid turbo

  • Matthew Robertson


  • Adam Stockholm

    Don't worry Matthew actually loves cars... He left his browser open so we filled in a comment for him. Sorry Matthew!

  • Adam Boursalian

    Good instrumental behind him but it needs more snare/drum. Just a touch! Hes not bad. Hes taking it seriously which is good.... ( i know im 2 year late on this 1 )