The Smoking Tire
Episode 281

Rob Ferretti of Super Speeders

Matt Farah published on

Rob Ferretti is a great character in that he has actual opinions, which he can defend. He has owned no fewer than a dozen exotic sports cars personally, and has been the proprietor of Gotham Dream Cars exotic car rental company fronm 2004 until 2017. His YouTube channel, SuperSpeedersRob features insights into the exotic car lifestyle for better or worse, crap car challenges, and collaborations with other YouTubers. Additionally, this episode will be Chris Hayes' final appearance on The Smoking Tire podcast, as he moves on to more lucrative and time-consuming projects. In doing so, he hands over control of the board to Matt, so please be kind as this is Matt's first time live-mixing audio. 


This show is available as a video!

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  • Antoine Hythier

    The intern is a fantastic idea.

  • Cheyne Etie

    Wish I lived out there, I'd volunteer my time, but I live in the land of freeway racing and cows.

    A thought. Release the audio and video podcasts at the same time. You will see more users going to video. If audio comes out first and then video a few days later I think that you're going to end up with people just "settling" for audio.

  • Cory Falcone

    Thank you Chris for everything, been catching up on the back catalog of episodes, its so awesome, thank you. And Rob is the best, i hope he is on more.

  • SF Guy

    my wishes have been answered. No more annoying interruptions, no more sentences that exclusively start with "I" or "My", no more shameless attempts to steer the conversation toward whatever self-aggrandizing topic allows him to make up for his own insecurities. I love the crew of this podcast but there was nothing more annoying than hearing the resident blowhard interrupt a guest so he could offer his insight on something that he believed made him appear more relevant.

    The only upside to this incessant blowhard was when a guest quickly tired of him, shed the social niceties of poiteness, and called him on his BS (Gale Banks was particularly good at that)..


  • Ross Eugene

    Wow Bob Scaglietti himself. What a treat!

  • Adam Boursalian

    Loved the whole crew, and all the guests. Oh well, things change. Im happy im stil on 166 so i dont have to worry about this for 100 more episodes! =D