The Smoking Tire
Episode 190

The Boardroom

Chris Hayes published on

This week we're joined by JF Musial (@JFMusial) and we're recording on my backup analog rig. Matt reviews the Rezvani Beast, we talk about the VW diesel scandal, we cover the ATS-V, the impending rise of Volvo is foretold, Matt orders his Focus RS and I review the Logitech G920 wheel for XBox.

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  • Kristopher Beasley

    I'm curious if you think Volvo would actually build something like the 2015 Volvo P1800 coupe concept.

  • Sean Smith

    Little bit of miss information about the fuel eco stuff. More modern engines can get more power with less air and less fuel because of combustion improvements. Things like intake and exhaust VVT improve combustion efficiency and can reduce pumping losses. I do agree that the way most OEMs turn there FI cars allow for minimum boost in EPA mode driving which is why they don't deliver on their EPA MPG. Also I can assure you that there are somes OEMs that are not cheating the system even though the system is setup to allow if easily.

  • KaAn Elias

    Things are reported differently to the top managment then they appear at the base, I know that from Daimler as a part of a project.