The Smoking Tire
Episode 204

The Depths of Gmail

Chris Hayes published on

Fresh back from Drift 101 Matt Farah and Thaddeus Brown share their experience, Jeff Glucker (@JGlucker) drops by to swap stories, Zack Klapman accidentally does everything wrong while getting pulled over in a circa 1979 Chevy van and we all lament the cesspool that is the Autoblog comment section

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  • Michael Knez

    On the "Bruce Lee Shit Driver" joke, he was actually a terrible driver. He was badly near-sighted. His sight was so bad he got rejected from the draft. He relied on friends to drive him around for most of the time he lived in America.

  • Chris Hayes

    Interesting, did not know that.

  • Yasha328 .

    Zack, you could always gut the cats on your crown vic if you want to go the cheapest route.