The Smoking Tire
Episode 199

Turbo not Turbo

Chris Hayes published on

Mike Spinelli is back in California for the Aston Martin full-line drive and he graces us with his presence on the podcast yet again. Matt returned home to find his Vanquish with a new transmission, we swap stories from the premier of Apex and we give a quick review of "And On That Bombshell".

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  • Jeff Greer

    Take 30K and get a lot of fun from a Ecoboost Mustang. 60K for a Porche just dosn't sound as good with a 4.

  • Bradley Haywood

    I wouldn't be so sure about Aston getting rid of their V12...

  • Kyle Gdale

    Starting at 57:35, funniest shit I've heard in a while...

  • max mays

    I think you guys completely overlooked Porsche's racing program by dismissing the 4cylinder road car potential. One word - LMP1...The 919 took the 2015 WEC championship and won Le Mans with the V4 hybrid. With the potential of the AWD electric/gas system the V4 engine has a lot of advantages of being as light as the outgoing 991 GT3 and potentially having way more usable torque with motor and charging capability with the ERS. Also it should be no surprise why they would be using 4 cylinder engines thanks to the latest purchase of Ducati. VW made quick alterations to their concepts buy implementing the Ducati engines into there XL design which is a bases to Porsche's use of the V4 engine in the 919.