The Smoking Tire
Episode 164

Virtual Podcast

Chris Hayes published on

This week Matt, Zack and myself catch up in studio on what we've been up to and ramble through whatever else comes to mind. Zack went drifting in his Crown Vic at Sonoma Raceway, we discuss the merits of full EV cars vs hybrids, Matt flogged a highly modified Saab 900 Turbo and updated on his Mustang and I installed a new Magnaflow catback on my Fiesta ST.

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  • Jonathan Brown

    Cool show guys..and Matt I dig the one takes a lot....skip the weird blue on the focus rs


  • Bob Last

    scrub radius really dumbed down is basically steering feel. If you wanna read a somewhat nerdy easy to understand explanation go here:

    Which wheels did you guys get for the Fiesta ST? Whens the next video of that coming?

  • Prodriver33 .

    the 500E is awesome, the fiesta ST is awesome, tinder is awesome my wife is on there lookin for ladies shoutout to all the bi-girls! I'm out!

  • Khaled Mounir

    Khaled's Modified SAAB 900 SPG review starts at minute 32.