The Smoking Tire
Episode 117

Vulgar Review of Power

Chris Hayes published on

This week we bring you our perspective on the 2014 SRT10 Viper alongside the Ring Brothers 1971 Pantera.  Thad's Fiesta ST gets another round of upgrades (stage 2) from our friends at Cobb Tuning.  Additionally Zack and Thad recount their experience at Laguna Seca driving a wide variety of cars including the BMW M235i, WRX STi, Volvo XC60, Mercedes E63 AMG, Jeep SRT8 and the new S Class.

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  • Noah B

    The reason why they haven't bumped the HP in the new STi is emissions. A stock WRX or STi with the 2.5L runs lean as all hell, if you get a bad tank of gas you will easily get knock even on the stock tune. They lean it out to make it emissions OK, I have a tuned '10 WRX (Cobb) and even just with the OTS map it's so much smoother and considerably safer in low RPM.

  • Noah B

    At the end, when they are talking about why it's so impossible to get changes done, but before they were talking about needing an HP bump in the WRX, hahaha. :P

  • Chris Hayes

    I stand by my opinion the STi is in dire need of a power bump. With engineering efforts the emissions problems can be worked out. The CLA45 AMG is a prime example of what can be done when the manufacturer coughs up the R&D money to make things happen. I firmly believe we'll see a new motor in the STi in a couple of years as a mid-cycle refresh.

  • Noah B

    I agree that it does need more power, but I think the only reason a lot of people feel so is because other cars like the A45 and M235i make it feel slow out of the corners. I however think it was far better that they focused on the chassis and significantly improving it rather than just re-engineering the power output.. I agree that we will hopefully see a new powerplant relatively soon, and I hope they will maintain the larger displacement of the EJ257 that makes it so torquey and fun to drive around in lower speeds. Hopefully a mid-cycle refresh brings a wagon version, as I would 100% purchase one, but for now I hate how the sedan looks. From the side it's a ricer's Camry.