The Smoking Tire
Episode 159

We're Moving to New Zealand

Chris Hayes published on

Rain drifting, weird speed limits, no cops, and a ride in something too fast for the WRC. This is the podcast from TST's New Zealand Adventure. The Smoking Tire podcasts on the last night of their New Zealand trip. Our guests are Andrew Lamb and Caswal Parker, the founders of the game Automation, which lets you design cars and engines and then test them on the track and on the market. They thought TST should see what cars Kiwis make, so they paid our airfare and brought us to the island of GT-Rs, cheap Evos, and incredible DIY race cars, to show us why this country's car culture could be the best.

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  • Cheyne Etie

    I. Can. Not. Wait. To. See. These. Damn. Videos.
    OMG HURRY UP. (I know it takes time, but this sounds amazing)