The Smoking Tire
Episode 118

Westbound and Down

Chris Hayes published on

This week Vinny Russo (of Lamborghini USA) and Rob Ferretti (of Gotham Dream cars and Super Speeders) join us to wax poetic on all the usual bullshit while Vinny teaches us to pronounce Huracán .  We touch upon the provenance of McLaren in the world of supercars along with the logistics of maintaining high dollar vehicles.  Zack, Thad and Myself visit Exotics Racing to try out the new 991 Porsche 911 Turbo S, Nissan GTR and Ferrari 458 on their southern California track at AutoClub Speedway. 

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  • Kelvin Tso

    Which video were you guys referring to regarding the Sebring comeback? Was it with Steven Doherty?

  • Noah B

    Vinny Russo has a boner for hating on McLaren. Talk about SCARED of the competition haha.

  • Chris Hayes

    To be fair Vinny has some good points and McLaren has definitely been experiencing growing pains in the US market. He'll be the first to tell you the cars are absolutely amazing.

    In the real world I don't think too many people are cross shopping McLarens and Lamborghinis. Lambos are loud skittles that you throw into a turn with reckless abandon laughing the whole way while McLaren's are serious machines meant to shave every last millisecond off your round trip to the office.

  • Noah B

    I would totally agree with you, and him that there were many valid points. But I can tell a slag of the competition when I hear it, and it really turns me off a person when they go out of their way to make others look bad. Pointing out flaws is one thing, that was another. Kind of saw the same thing with Mr. Dinan, the way he bashed his competitors was very low brow, it's a good thing his products are so high quality.

    Honestly I would also totally agree with that statement, if the Huracan wasn't a thing. I loved the Gallardo, especially the LP560/570 gen 2 cars, the styling was insane, crazy, beautiful, they were loud, inspired and drew attention. The Huracan, I've seen one in person, just isn't that exciting to look at. It could almost be an R8 replacement if it had a different nose and taillights. It's just so bland, where as the 650S in my opinion looks simply amazing. I don't love the rear, but the front is a stunner no question. And now they offer it with crazy colours and a loud exhaust too. Up here a Huracan is ~260 base, a 650S is around ~280. Apologies to Lamborghini but it is not even a comparison, the 650S fixed all that was wrong with the 12C (The sound, styling, name (to a lesser extent)), and improved upon it's already nutty performance..

    So TL;DR:
    650S, faster, better looking, comparable sound, very easily daily drive-able/easy to show off
    Huracan: bland styling, bland name, awesome sound, easy DD as well, but slower and far more common
    Same price. I'd go for the less common, higher performance, more interestingly styled and attention grabbing car.

    Your opinion on the matter?

  • Scott The Car Guy

    This comment hasn't aged well.