The Speed Metal Graves
Episode 6

South American Steel

M. Swift published on

We're talking about metal from South America, a continent filled with great speed metal and thrash! It was hard to pick which bands and songs made to this episode, so expect a return episode in the future.

Opening: Gama Bomb "Hell Trucker" (@GamaBombSpeaks)
Featured tunes: "Speed Metal to the Bone" by Revenge (2011, Metal Is: Addiction and Obsession) (@RevengeColombia on Twitter), "Elizabathory" by Malefactor (2013, Anvil of Crom) (@Malefactor Official on Facebook), "Headbanger Race (Warriors of Tomorrow)" by Em Ruinas (2010 ...from the Speed Metal Graves) (@emruinasbrazil on Facebook), "Shaman" by Angra (1996, Holy Land), "Metal Through the Time" by Demona (2012, Metal Through the Time) (@DemonaSpeedMetal on YouTube)


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