The Speed Metal Graves
Episode 5

The Riot Appreciation Episode

M. Swift published on

It's a double shot of the Guy Speranza period of Riot as Swift looks at "Rock City" and "Fire Down Under"! Suggest power, speed, and thrash metal bands or albums via Twitter @MetalSwift!

Opening: Gama Bomb "Hell Trucker" (@GamaBombSpeaks)
Closing: Em Ruinas "Nuclear Nightmare (Power in Devastation)" (@emruinasbrazil on Facebook)
Featured tunes: "Fire Down Under" & "Swords and Tequila" (1981, Fire Down Under), "Overdrive" & "Warrior" (1977, Rock City)
Suggested Goodness: DeaconFATAL (@fullofbass), SuperHeroesInColor (@HeroesInColor00)

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