The Speed Metal Graves
Episode 7

Women of Metal

M. Swift published on

The Speed Metal Graves returns after a month hiatus and with a new show opening! In this episode we look at several bands featuring women. It was a pretty big episode and the list of bands and musicians was initially a big one so you KNOW we'll have to revisit this in a future episode. If you have any band in the power metal, speed metal, or thrash circles feel free to recommend them here or on Twitter @speedmetalpod or @MetalSwift! Thanks and Enjoy \m/

Featured Tunes: "The Battle of Nevermore" by Chastain (Ruler of the Wasteland, 1986), "Put The Hammer Down" by Hellion (Screams In The Night, 1987), "Dogs of War" by Sentinel Beast (Depths of Death, 1986), "The Sequel" by Messiah Force (The Last Day, 1987), "Demon Slayer" by Ignitor (Take To The Sky, 2004), "The Guy Upstairs Lied" by Sledge Leather (Imagine Me Alive, 2012)


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