The Spineless Book Club
Episode 1

Episode 1 - Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Part One (Act One)

GoodTrash Media published on

It's here! Hosts from GoodTrash Media Alexandra Bohannon and Caleb Masters sit down to talk Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (Part One, Act One)! They're here to discuss some imporant topics while stuffing their faces with pumpkin pasties. Why does the titular Cursed Child have to be related to Harry? Are Albus and Scorpious queer and in love? Does Hermione have a puzzle fetish? Find out this week on The Spineless Book Club!

Act 1 is pages 7-86, 19 scenes in total
Section 1 - pg 7-28, scenes 1-4
Section 2 - pg 29-48, scenes 5-9
Section 3 - pg 49-65, scenes 10-14
Section 4 - pg 66-86, scenes 15-19

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