The Spiritual Millionaire

Episode 21

Burning Man ( from a burner of 20 consecutive years) and radical self expression

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John Halcyon Styn  has been an american blogger since before most people had any idea what the word “blog” meant.

He is also  an entrepreneur,  motivational speaker, author, and web celeb who is always pushing the boundaries of self expression. 

He has had bright pink hair for the last 12 years and is the co- founder of The Pink Heart camp at Burning Man, an event held in the Californian desert in scorching hot sun and crazy dust storms where 70 000 life enthusiasts unite for 7 days of fun, freedom, self expression, gifting, love, growth and expansion.

For the uninitiated who think that Burning Man is just for hippies - high powered business moguls, entrepreneurs and celebs such as Mark Zuckerberger, Elon Musk and Will and Jada Smith are amongst the kaleidoscope of past attendees.

They may not be seen in the vehicle line up at the gates but rather choose to sneak in in private jets. 

John is the inspiration behind a myriad of highly creative projects that have inspired and helped millions of people including, - a weekly podcast that been going for over a decade, on a variety of fascinating and leading edge topics,

1st Saturdays - a project to help the homeless in San Diego and 

Pinkaid - a charity which served the victims of Hurricane Katriona 


He is a courageous,authentic, beautiful, boundless, raw, flamboyant and humble soul who when asked why he loves pink - one of his replies is, 

“that every human being has a pink heart - and we are all one.”


Check out Halcyon's brilliant TedX talk called

 “Gratitude, Gifting and Grandpa.”

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