The Spiritual Millionaire

Episode 18

Extreme Spirituality

hilary moore published on

When it comes to Extreme Spirituality, the title of one of his 8 books translated into 16 languages, Tolly Burkan is the man and an extra- ordinary one at that.  He is extremely unique, courageous and authentic as he shares his journey From Despair and Death to Freedom and Joy, another title of his books.  After a very tough start in adult life, 2 suicide attempts and having his neck crushed hen he was hit by a car, Tolly started to teach fire walking to companies and then to trainers, including Tony Robbins, and to date, over 6 million people have walked over hot coals - a metaphor, which teaches people how to overcome their fears and self imposed limitations.

Tolly instigated many esoteric practises which he discusses, to help people evolve to a high level of spirituality and understanding of themselves, the universe and ALL THAT IS. 

Tolly is now 70 years young and loves parachuting.

He is officially retired, ‘though hopes his work will continue for a long time  via his many videos, books, and audio books available on his website -

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