The Spiritual Millionaire

Episode 19

How a poor multi - millionaire became rich

hilary moore published on

10 years ago Gerard Powell had just sold his company for $94M.

 He had 5 houses, 20+ cars, 2 planes and had achieved The American Dream, but was hooked on demerol , was an alcoholic and suicidal. 

Even the top rehab clinic could do nothing to free him from his pain.

Then a friend introduced him to an african plant and one night during a plant medicine ceremony, he connected with his soul for the first time, and was healed from a life time of suffering and dependancy.

Today he is happy and free.

Driven by the ease of awakening through plant medicine versus conventional routes he  has built his own rehab centre in Costa Rica called Rythmia where his life mission is to show others there can be a shortcut to happiness, health, wholeness and oneness.

Book: “Shit, the moon said” by Gerard Powell

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