The Spiritual Millionaire

Episode 13

MAXimise your life with Max Piccinini (the french Tony Robbins)

hilary moore published on

Max Piccinini - The French Tony Robbins, shares how he made his first million in his 20’s.

Max Piccinini’s father died when he was 15 years old. Max began questioning the meaning of life and realised he would do everything to make the most of his time here. He plunged himself into self development books and made his first million in his twenties in a company specialising in anti-ageing products. Having developed his skills as a trainer he started running seminars in Paris and the rest of Europe called MAXimise Your Potential. 

He teaches people to be the best version of themselves and play the game of life at a much higher level and discusses ways to do that. 

He also shares how his fiancé Marine Tadié runs her own training programs for adolescents. 

If you love french accents, you will love this.

Max's book (in french) Reussite Maximum - Marine Tadié's work with adolescents (in french.) 

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