The Spiritual Millionaire

Episode 5

Shaman Jon explains How To Dream Your World ( and our world) Into Being

hilary moore published on

Jon Rasmussen has been shaman in residence at The Post Ranch in Big Sur, California for 15 years. He defines "Shaman" and talks about shamans in all places of soceity like Steve Jobs, Jim Carey, Russel Brand etc and the power of one person to change the world by changing himself. Jon talks about his early training with the Q'eros tribe  (indigenous people of the Amazon) and how he uses that to mentor everyday people, world leaders and Hollywood celebrities. Jon is convinced that the biggest problem facing the world today is the ignorance around The Sacred Feminine and nature and that it must be understood to redress the imbalance. to create a new reality on an individual and collective level.

Book -  "How to Dream Your World  into Being"  by Jon Rasmussen

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