The Spiritual Millionaire

Episode 16

The Enneagram. How to decode your ego, heal yourself and heal the world

hilary moore published on

Melodie Dubois, ego awareness advocate and consultant living in Australia discusses our destructive self-sabotaging patterns and explains in depth, the 9 personality types of the enneagram, an ancient personality typology that helps people understand the dangers and traps of the ego. 

Having experienced a lot of emotional pain in her life particularly in the area of relationships, Melodie began looking for answers. She gives a very comprehensive out-line of the 9 personality types so we can see the patterns we are running and more importantly how we can break those patterns. This awareness allows a person to shift from fear to love and to evolve into a fully fledged human being as the doors of the cage are flung open. The prize after all the searching is ultimate freedom to take your true place in the world and finally start living.

Facebook - Melodie Dubois 

Best selling book - Just Be Yourself

Favourite quote - BE the change you wish to see in the world





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