The Strange Podcast
Episode 22

A Bear, A Hippo, An Alien, and A Human Walk Into A Bar. Who Would Win In A Fight?

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This Week on the Strange Podcast

Strange News

1) A man with a strange puppy... news flash, it's a bear.

2) A hippo hiding out in Mexico.

3)  Teacher feeds live puppy to a snapping turtle

4) Boss broadcast sex video for the world to see.

5) Dangerous fake tits

6) KFC's new pizza

Main Topic:  People who claimed to have fought off alien invasions.

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  • I think the Bear would win, I think with the lack of movement from the hippo the bear would eventually work its way around to its death blow.
    Great episode!

  • The Strange Podcast

    I've hear that hippos are pretty agile for their size. I'd want the bear to win but I think the hippo would do way to much damage to the bear. It's one fight I'd love to watch.

  • yeah, I think if the Hippo got the bear in its jaws, it would be game over.