The Strange Podcast
Episode 15

Immortal Beings, A Levitating Russian Scientist and Tide pods, It's What's For Dinner.

The Strange Podcast published on

This week on The Strange Podcast we talk about the destruction of $60,000 worth of bee hives and bees, people eating tide pods, the latest news on Ash vs. The Evil Dead, and Buzz Aldrin"s birthday.  Sam then goes into stories of people who attempt to live forever. Then Logan finishes it off with tales of Viktor Grebennikov a self proclaimed Russian scientist that build a levitation machine using bug wings.

01:10:27 -  Bee Story

04:01:19 - Tide Pod Challenge

09:07:25 - Ash vs. The Evil Dead News

11:58:21 - Buzz Aldrin's birthday

14:20:05 - Imortality stories

23:54:00 The Russian Scientist's Levitation Device 

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