The Strange Podcast
Episode 30

Over The River And Through The Woods to... Hope we don't die.

The Strange Podcast published on

Welcome to The Strange Podcast!  This week we talk about

Strange news:

1)  People mistake wild animals for cute kittens.

2) Two men make a bet to see how far they can drive car into river.

3) Man paints face green to rob bank... gets caught green handed

4) Man steals TV asks cops to help him get it home.

5) Two steal shoes to sell find out they are worthless

6) Man hijacks car to get a ride to KFC

7) Florida woman calls 911 because she ran out of beer... nice, Florida... nice

Main Topic: 27:50  Scary forest stories

We talk about people that disappear while in the forest and others that witness strange creatures on their outings.

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