The Strange Podcast
Episode 52

Who You Gonna Call... Not Me, Ghost Will Kill Ya!

The Strange Podcast published on

This week on The Strange Podcast we talk about:

  1. Meth disguised as Aztec calendars seized in California

  2. Burglary suspect bathed, cooked, washed clothes and more in stranger’s home, sheriff says

  3. Man Arrested for pelting mother with sausages

  4. Man shot by his own booby trap while trying to feed squirrels

  5. Man loses leg after his son ran him over with a lawn mower when he attacked him with a chainsaw

  6. Woman butt dials 911 on accident, gets arrested as she has warrants

Main Topic: (30:28) Ghosts that have killed humans

There are many stories about specter's, ghosts, and poltergeists. While some claim to live these experiences, others have been killed by them. We talk about some of the cases where the ghosts have supposedly killed the living. Some instances are curses, others may be malevolent demons, while some people were angry in real life and taken their anger with them in the afterlife. These stories of the living were taken by the spirits of the afterlife.

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