The Successful Mistake Show: Transform Your Business Failure into Business Success

In the lead up to the release of this year’s highly-anticipated book (The Successful Mistake), The Successful Mistake Show offers daily 5-minute lessons you can implement into your day, today! There’s no fluff in these 5-minute lessons where you learn how to succeed in business and transform business failure into business success. Each episode is packed with exclusive content from the book, featuring a story from one of the 163 successful entrepreneurs interviewed for The Successful Mistake. Ideal for your lunch break or morning commute, Turndog breaks down these bite-sized episodes into an absolute must-have resource if you wish to turn your business failure into business success. An ideal accompaniment to the book, these 5-minute episodes are designed for today’s innovator, creator, and go-getting online maverick who wishes to uncover how to succeed in business in today’s fast paced environment.

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