The Successful Mistake Show: Transform Your Business Failure into Business Success

The Danger of Hiring Your Friends & Loved Ones with Jordan Harbinger of The Art of Charm

Marcus Hind published on

Success in business is hard to come by, and in today’s episode, Jordan Harbinger (of The Art of Charm) focusses on the dangers in hiring your friends and how this can often lead to business failure. But fear not, for Jordan shines a new light that a go-getting entrepreneur can put into place today, and proves how to succeed in business like the most successful business leaders in the world do. I hope you’re ready for a few true value bombs…


** This 5-Minute Lesson offers a short-and-sweet peek into how to succeed in business, and is inspired from the book, The Successful Mistake**


(Produced by Marcus Hind of Dynamiq Management Ltd,

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