The Successful Mistake Show: Transform Your Business Failure into Business Success

What To Do When Your Dream Becomes a Nightmare with Stephanie Roper of The Wardrobe Angel

Marcus Hind published on

When Stephanie Roper embarked on a new adventure to Dubai, she assumed it would not only make her happy, but help her figure out her career and so much more. However, within weeks she was miserable, and after returning home to no house, job, or hope… she had no choice but to figure out her passion and her love. The result… a new business, way of living, and a journey about how to succeed in business and light a fire within you. And in today’s episode, you’ll learn what this is and how Stephanie uncovered how to overcome fear of failure and push it to one side.


** This 5-Minute Lesson offers a short-and-sweet peek into how to succeed in business, and is inspired from the book, The Successful Mistake**


(Produced by Marcus Hind of Dynamiq Management Limited,

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