The Successful Mistake Show: Transform Your Business Failure into Business Success

When In Doubt, Ask BIG Questions (+ How To Be Honest) (Part 2) with Linsi Brownson

Marcus Hind published on

When Linsi Brownson set up her own business, the world stood before her, and although she began to find some instant success in business, it didn’t quite live up to what she expected. Working with one client after another, but never quite enjoying the projects on offer, this lead Linsi to take a step back and learn how to truly succeed in business, define her vision, and ensure she built success in business on her own terms. And in today’s session, you’ll learn how she did this and how you can too, transforming business failure into business success. 


** This 5-Minute Lesson offers a short-and-sweet peek into how to succeed in business, and is inspired from the book, The Successful Mistake**


(Produced by Marcus Hind of Dynamiq Management Limited,

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