The Successful Mistake Show: Transform Your Business Failure into Business Success

Why You Big Business Mistake Is The Start of Something Great with Arnold du Toit

Marcus Hind published on

With an industry-changing idea and a bucket-load of enthusiasm, Arnold du Toit set out in search of business success, and although he stopped people in their tracks with his innovative golf trolley, he had to first make a business failure or two before he not only honed on his market, but on the true value his product had to offer. In today’s episode, you unearth how Arnold bounced back from business failure, and he learned how to succeed in business with the long term in mind.


** This 5-Minute Lesson offers a short-and-sweet peek into how to succeed in business, and is inspired from the book, The Successful Mistake**


(Produced by Marcus Hind of Dynamiq Management Limited,

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