The Superdad Entrepreneur
Episode 12

Jozef Vervoort, head of Thomatis therapy and founder of the Atlantis Institute (Belgium), emphasizes the meaning of the mother´s voice for development

Hendrik Habermann published on

Do you know what hearing is the first sense a fetus develops? And do you know that - once you ear has started to developing - the first thing you hear is your mother´s voice? Alfred Tomatis found out that this voice is crucial for a child´s development. And that by remodelling the embryogenesis through listening to special sounds (among other things the voice of your mother) mental and physical retardations can we cured or can be greatly dissolved. This episode will give you a total different understanding of what is important for a fetus and for the development of human race.
The study Jozef talks about from Stanford is: "Neural circuits underlying mother's voice perception predict social communication abilities in children".

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