The Superdad Entrepreneur
Episode 16

Mareike Fuisz is a mother of a child with Down Syndrom and the host of the "Downsyndrome Congress". She calls this a "luxury handicap".

Hendrik Habermann published on

Did you know that 90% of the unborn with the diagnosis "Down Syndrom" are aborted? Mareike Fuisz is the mother of a Down Snydrom-child. She comforts parents with that diagnosis and points out that parents with their Down Syndrom kids will live a normal life- with just as many unforeseen ups and downs as every family and every life. Being different is normal!

She even considers this handicap - compared to other issues you might have - the luxury handicap.

Mareike is the host of the (German) Down Syndrom Congress. This online event covers several topics related to Down Syndrom and gives valuable assistance to the community of Down Syndrom people and families. For further information check or contact Mareike via email under

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