The Superdad Entrepreneur
Episode 38

Roger Brooks is an American Entrepreneur, best-selling author, and podcaster.. We talk about the power of gratitude, handling anxiety and much more

Hendrik Habermann published on

"As soon as you figure out how to be greatful, that´s when everything changes". 

Roger Brooks, who is the host and founder of the show American Real TV, in which he lets other people share their story as he beliefs everyone has value to give, beliefs that gratitude is the most important and at the same time hardest skill to master in order to become rich. However, richness is not meant in a financial way. Richness is meant as a comprehensive understanding of life and as a treasure that already lies within you. 

Click in a listen to his advice on how to practice gratitide, how to actually make fear your partner and how a sales seminar made him start writing on a daily basis.

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