The Superdad Entrepreneur
Episode 25

Sam and Brandi Lewis talk about their experiences of getting divorced and how to keep dignity after divorce

Hendrik Habermann published on

Sometimes relationships don´t come to a good end. With a child - every parent will confirm this - the whole relationship changes and quite often also makes it harder - even if the child was supposed to be the high-point of the relation. And with handicapped kids it is ever harder: they are a relationship killer, because they confront you with something you neither expected nor got prepared for. And frankly speaking never wished for.

Sam and Brandi Lewis, who have 10 kids from former marriages, came together after seperating from their former spouses. They have experienced that a divorce is not only painful, but also quite oftens damages the self-esteem of the people involved. Plus it is heard to keep dignity after divorce and not to feel shame about it.

In this episode they share their experience, talk about the personal share of the break-up, their learnings and much more.

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