The Test Taker
Episode 2

Interview with Oleg: IELTS Success Story and Travelling Abroad

Maksim Zinovev published on

There are different ways to learn language. Travelling is one of them. Is it worth to go to another country to develop your language skills? What are advantages and how much it might cost? Does it really help if you need to pass IELTS test?

I got really interested in this topic and the questions above since I met Oleg, ex test taker who successfully passed the IELTS test and now lives and works in Australia. I was really impressed by the fact that he got job even before moving to Australia as well as his language proficiency.

Oleg kindly accepted my invitation to be a guest in my show. He shared his IELTS story and story of his trip to England. IELTS is challenging exam, but once again we see that patience, hard work and consistency will lead you to success.


Show Notes


Listen this interview with Oleg to learn about:

    •    How many times he has taken the IELTS test to succeed

    •    What gives you travelling abroad and how it impacts your language learning progress

    •    The most difficult part of IELTS test

    •    Schools and short term courses for IELTS preparation

    •    What online resources Oleg used to prepare for IELTS

    •    English classes and Effortless English

    •    Oleg’s 2 favorite podcasts podcasts for English learners

    •    Tips for beginners and advanced English learners


Resources Mentioned

    • Official British Council 

    • General IELTS English Help

    • a language learning system by  A.J. Hoge


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