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Episode 33

The Thirsty Gamers Podcast - Episode 33 Atari Board Games, The Networks, Unfair

Zack Crawford published on

In this episode Zack and Hex take a look at IDW's new announcment of bringing Atari games to the board game world starting with Centipede. Eric Lang and Bruno Faidutti team up to announce a new secret role game called Secrets. Speaking of Eric Lang, we go into the one pledge level of Rising Sun and talk a little bit about early bird pledges. Zack plays a couple game as well. We go into a game that just released a print run called The Networks. He also played the popular Kickstarter Unfair and gives his thoughts about this theme park style game. Follow us on Twitter @thirstygamers_ and talk to us on our discord. You can find all of our social media and news at And as always stay thirsty for games my friends!

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  • Joel Finch

    Great to hear your thoughts on Unfair! :)

    The play time taken tends to be longer on the first play, because people are new to the cards, reading the card rules and flavour text, looking at the illustrations, etc. That gets faster as players become more familiar with it - we have a playthrough online showing a 4 player game can take only 80 minutes without rushing, including setup and packup,

    I also wanted to note that when an attraction is closed, the bottom card is turned over to mark the attraction as closed, but all the stars including its upgrades aren't counted - the whole ride is inoperative.

    Thanks for mentioning that the City events (and the events in general) can be defended, and that you can learn to build your park to prevent or reduce the damage from them - that isn't something that all reviewers are picking up on.

    Glad you liked the theming of the cards - the pirate super attraction you mentioned is one of my favourites because it lets you bury treasure :)