The Thirsty Gamers Podcast
Episode 38

The Thirsty Gamers Podcast - Episode 38 Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, Hansa Teutonica, Yokohama

Zack Crawford published on

We recorded this on International Tabletop Day, so I guess happy late International Tabletop Day. We hope everyone had fun and played a ton of games. Hex gives us his thoughts on his upcoming release of Robits and we talk about the new box art....a lot. : ) In the news, another video game IP makes it's debut in the minature gaming seen with Fallout: Wasteland Warfare. Zack's very excited Catacombs is coming back in stock with the new expansion Catacombs: Wyverns of Wylemuir. Two new Sailor Moon games are announced which makes Hex very excited. Roll for the Galaxy has another expansion coming out called Rivalry. We have not got our hands on Arkham Horror: The Card Game but we can't wait to play it and the new expansion called The Path to Carcosa. We give a shout out to a local designer's game called Battle Monkeys and his Kickstarter Live stream which allows game designers/publishers to stream on the page itself. We also talk about games we played too with Oregon Trail, Hansa Teutonica, & Yokohama. As always stay thirsty for games my friends! Leave us comments on our facebook and twitter: @thirstygamers_ 

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