The Unintelligibles
Episode 15

015: Rob's Dad Still Dances to Lady Gaga

The Unintelligibles published on

Guest starring once again is the strange entity known as R.O.B. Seriously, what the hell.. he's been in like a million episodes already. Do we call him an Unintelligible at this point? Will Rob ever join the Unintelligibles? Will Brian ever become the beast? Will Tommy ever open up his own Jersey Mike's in hopes of a boastful career? Will Jake ever open up two bars across the street from each other and fight for competition? Will Guybrush Threepwood ever beat LeChuck? Will the Trix Rabbit ever win? Will that fucking leprechaun ever share his lucky charms? Will people ever see why kids like Cinnamon Toast Crunch? Will Saxon? None of this will be answered in this episode.

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