The Urban Breakdown is a fusion between live hosts conducting interviews, having discussions, pre-records, music, poetry, and as always, well researched topics, opinions, and perspectives broken down into various “segments” indicated by a hashtag of some sort. Each show will vary on what segments are broadcasted as well as segment length. These eclectic hosts are breaking down what the news media and oher outlets try to confuse you... therefore impacting you in ways that will be broken down in these eclectic broadcasts.

The focal points of the show are the hosts who bring forth a varied and eclectic approach to the podcast circuit. 

The hosts are Mercer Prescott (Politics), Odofoley Oquaye (Media), Ricard Charles (Media), Mercedes Wright (Reality Check) and F. Khristopher Blue (Social/Holistic) and featured co-hosts depending on current news.

Current shows of The Urban Breakdown are: The Urban Breakdown: Poli-Tricks (Politics) and The Urban Breakdown: 360 Degrees (Various) and The Urban Breakdown: He Said/She Said with Mercedes Wright and The Urban Breakdown: Interview 180.

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