The Urban Breakdown
Episode 4

360 DEGREES: AmeriKKKan Anthem, Anal, Jersey Burning, NFL Boycott, 33 Year Old Virgins, and more...

F. Khristopher Blue published on

The cronie Nation asks about our thoughts about The National Anthem and the crew gives their perspectives. 

Jersey burning.... why are you mad at the player, he was traded, he did not ASK for a trade. It's a business, its the franchise that is accountable not the player in the Isaiah Thomas case.

OD is going to Made in America... Philadelphia, PA.

Merc talks about Colin Kaepernick, Cops support the cause, NAACP supports the boycott, others are behind this quarterback but the NFL is quartering back... and that is wack.

What do the NCAAP do these days, anyway?

OD respects Cardi B... she maximized on the exposure from that reality series.... Nikki Minaj going after her, what.....

and more...

Oh yeah, 33 year old virgins... uhm, how do we define virgin in 2017? F. Khristopher Blue wants to know...



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