The Urban Breakdown
Episode 1

360 DEGREES: Grand Jury for Trumpageddon, Black Rights vs Whites Regarding Sex Case, Usher Burning Them, Girls Trip Movie Review, and More...

F. Khristopher Blue published on

They have Trumpageddon on the ropes… The grand jury that Mueller is putting together may be the undoing of this presidency. It is about time… but more than likely he will escape this like he escaped other lawful actions against him… He may be the true definition of mob ties, this guy is untouchable. Have you heard about a case of an African-American males being convicted of a sex act and will be put on the sexual residency because his white girlfriend who was one year younger than him sent him a sexual video and he replied with one back? This is just another example of Louisiana's justice regarding African-Americans… They have a very tilted lawful system. Have you seen the movie GIRLS TRIP? OD will be giving you the no spoilers review of what she deems to be a very good movie. Go see it! Colin Kaepernick gets no love while those that commiiting crimes of all kinds still get to play in the NFL, the NFL will not stand by a man calling out for justice for all... We will be exploring other 360 breakdowns of media events which happened recently as well… This is probably the best way to get your news in a palatable format. #360Degrees #EclecticMedia #TheUrbanBreakdown #Podcast

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