The Urban Breakdown
Episode 2

360 DEGREES: Riots, Trump, Spiderman, Insecure, Low Sperm Count, and More...

F. Khristopher Blue published on

In this episode we talk about the riots in Charlottesville Virginia and the impact will have on the rest of the country as well as how Trumpageddon dropped the ball. We talk about Sony and how they will likely mess up the Spiderman universe because they do not want to cede control to Marvel who does a better job at handling their movies than Sony ever has. We talk about the HBO series by Issa Raye and the responsibility such broadcasts should have on educating and empowering African-American and Latino people. We additionally talk about low sperm counts as it relates to Ray J and how a wild party life can deplenish your sperm supply. Blame it on Kim K!

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