The Urban Breakdown
Episode 14

360 DEGREES: The HATE That HATE Made - A Week Full of Hatred

F. Khristopher Blue published on

Today's show hosted by Odofoley Oquaye, Mercer Prescott, and F. Khristopher Blue.

This week was FILLED with HATE. 

Social Media dragging/hating Tyrese Gibson for his emotional display (and possible mental health issues), What happened to our desire to see Black men be more expressive emotionally?

Black America hating on Michelle Chrisette due to her signing for Trumpageddon, lost her publishing contract, and showed a photo of another woman's aborted fetus and indicated that she had a miscarriage... (possible mental health issues there).

White University Student Hating on Black Univeristy Student... to the point where she did dispacle acts which now her charged with a felony and expelled from school.

Democrats coniving and hating on one another at the DNC.

and more... hating.

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