The Urban Breakdown
Episode 3

360 Degrees - The Week in Review and Some More Sh*t, too

F. Khristopher Blue published on

Channel zero went off the air.. and I slipped into darkness.. choked and clicked on reality. after all this time, it still had not yet been rated. Once again, as always, staring off into the distance from my dwellings in East Medina... lookin' off my terrace, staring down the throat of the belly of the beast- I clicked on channel *Life* and I watch n*ggas harrass the new and the old and young and the weak passing the cash/stash and the buck not really givin a... well you know.. and use fear to control from a remote location and push channel "9" millimeter and push channel "5.0" while mami pushes into this world- a new life. Thinkin she's set for life... now her n*gga man does a life- bid for his crimes caught up in a bad drama that just got- canceled. ..and his child get sentenced to- life imprisonment- in the same damn environment.. and it aint nuthin but the longest running series; is it a rerun? *SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT* "We will NOT be *right back, nor will we *return* cause we are missing the message" *click* Pastor screams into vacant lot full, trying to fill or find empty lost wailing souls force feeding them fear exchanging from mouth to ear one hand to another, and out the other- and into the collection plate "live" at halftime during channel "Church". Saving as many as he/she can and building his/her savings and creating a new "network"--- or should I say; net worth? amen. Praise who? the lord or the messenger? Some have the 2 confused. "The *lawd* says.." Preacherman/lady pulled me to the side at the end of the show and put his/her hand upon the bible..I mean remote...and said- "Son..the bottom line is- ratings, and this series is intense- cause your life-after death is a stake... contribute to keep this *show* running." Somewhere in mid season; ahh...I mean mid *sermon*- a box, simular to a neilsen box is passed around and a sweep is conducted to pay for advertising. and keep amonsgst self and for the congrugation of empty souls that dig thenselves deeper into a rut building a foundation for future lost souls. And its solid yo'.. BUT the walls not built become tainted and soiled and its almost impossible to penetrate the mindless mindsate once the seeds are nurtured and teneded to under the remote influence of control. Everywhere I turn-same show, so I toss the remote. Take the plate, skip a few and pass- into the hands of the greedy break off crumbs and bitches in the process.. Dont give a eff bout' the needy... or the youth..or the future truth - is the cycle continues, another rerun next episode i suppose.... but just suppose- a n*gga got cancled mid-season? brand new cast I guess.. *click* .....eff it..back to channel zero.

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